Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel the haunting catacombs tale: The Drama Serial is bringing up the haunting side of the most charming city Paris. The darker side of this city shown in the Drama Serial has diluted the romantic and enchanting image of Paris. This time you are going to watch the hotspot of Paris that is just deadly and enough spooky to make you feel that shivering thing inside you. Yes, go watching Mulawin VS Ravena Drama Serial and get the insight to the catacombs present beneath the fascinating streets of Paris. This is going to be something damn scary for the real. Every scene will cast funk deep down in you and you will feel being in there yourself.

The official trailer is simply enough to show up the promising horror in the Drama Serial. This August is going to be fun with Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel. Seriously, not all those Drama Serials in the name of horror genre were that horror. Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel is an ultimate expectation for the horror Drama Serial lovers to enjoy the fear in literal meaning.

It is not just a Drama Serial but also a chance, a chance to let your eyes watch the place with millions of skeletons of the dead people several decades ago. The catacombs shown in this Drama Serial will take your senses in a different trance and wonder. Well, no more blabbering and have a look in the crew and story.


Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel cast stars Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, Josh Kervarec, Oscar Zhang and Perdita Weeks (Scarlet Marlowe). Patrick Aiello and Alec Hedlund are the producers of Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel. The story has written by Drew Dowdle and John Erick Dowdle. The direction has done by John Erick Dowdle. The music has composed by Max Richter.

Mulawin Vs Ravena

Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel is the presentation of Legendary Pictures. The distribution rights have given to Universal Pictures.

Mulawin VS Ravena Drama Serial Trailer


In Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel you will watch a spine-tingling experience of American and British discoverers. American and British discoverers join in to visit and explore the catacombs lying beneath the Paris, France. Hell of dead bodies, which have turned into skeletons, resides in theses catacombs. The American and British discoverers’ team rambles through the maze of dead souls. The team is after some secret resting down in the deadly catacombs. The eerie incidents starts happening locking them down there. The terrible paranormal vision starts haunting them all. The past memories flash to them with spooky sensations. The discovery visit turns into a scary one. The situation seems getting worst but all of them find solution in accepting whatever was coming to their way. Therefore, taking control on the chance of escape from this deadly place.


It is your chance to get through the most curious world place the catacombs in Paris by watching Mulawin VS Ravena Pinoy Channel. Get the spooky horror watch and let your senses feel the fear with thrilling sensation. Do watch it along with your family, friend or beloved because every now and then you may feel hugging out of the terror. Catch the ultimate scary flick of the year on August 15, 2014 in United States, United Kingdom and France.


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